Mint 💎 Raid ⚔️ Loot

A utility-based NFT RPG game • 7,500 Base Characters

You must raid weekly dungeons for gear & loot, but be careful… death is permanent ☠️

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Crypto Raiders

Characters & Items

Who will you be? The dashing rogue, the angelic cleric, or the shambling undead knight? Starting with any base character, you can gear up your raider and take on dungeons for conquest and glory!
What will you find? As you explore and quest, you'll find plenty of treasures and fantastic items!

It's rumored that a rare golden amulet can even bring its bearer back from the dead…

Raid perilous dungeons…

But be careful! Some Crypto Raiders may be lost in the dangerous depths ☠️

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  • Concept & Story

    A utility-based NFT RPG game

    We grew up with role-playing games where characters, storylines, and items actually mattered. Bringing that feeling of achievement and ownership to Crypto Raiders is our primary goal. The crisp 8-bit aesthetic is an homage to the early 90s, but game mechanics are modern and streamlined.

  • Launch

    OpenSea pre-sale

    Launch 1,500 mints of the six base characters on OpenSea. We recommend buying multiple, as there will only ever be 7,500 mints and characters can permanently die in the dungeon raids.

  • First Dungeon Release

    Start hunting for gear

    30 days from now, our first dungeon drops. Will you get a rare headpiece or a protective potion? Thousands will raid for the first time, going from naked newbies to geared-up Crypto Raiders!

  • Group Raiding

    Looking for healer

    Team up with your friends to battle in more challenging dungeons. Specialize in different roles to lower your team's chance of dying and increase your loot drops.

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